New Zealand ISP Offers Its Own Built-In VPN

In a bid to differentiate itself from the competition, an ISP in New Zealand has begun offering its own built-in VPN function to access services like Netflix.


Photo: Anton Balazh / Shutterstock

The ISP Slingshot isn’t calling its anti-geoblocking feature a VPN though, rather going with the name Global Mode.

Netflix hasn’t launched in New Zealand so the new service means that NZ users can now sign up to the US version of Netflix, or Hulu etc. Slingshot has essentially cut out the middle man VPN providers such as HideMyAss or IPVanish and the myriad others. The service is also free as an add-on for customers, which is an added incentive.

No major VPN provider has commented on the matter nor has Netflix.

“We don’t want your guests being treated like second-class citizens just because they are staying in New Zealand,” says Slingshot, who is aiming the service at tourists.

“Instead, we want them to have the same rich online experiences as they do in their own country. Global Mode lets them access their favourite international sites and services from your home broadband connection.”

The service will scramble a person’s IP address, much like a VPN, and with that they can access a site as if they are based in the US. This appears to be the first instance of an ISP offering this service.