CashU Accused of Restricting VPN Payments

Online payments system CashU has supposedly banned new VPN services from its platform to accept payments. A number of VPN providers had been using the system such as CactusVPN and IPVanish adding the function late last month.


Photo: Stuart Miles

It’s reported that CashU is not comfortable with services like VPNs allowing users to surf anonymously and access censored content.

TorrentFreak reports that TorGuard was made aware of the situation when its application to CashU was turned down.

“Please note that since VPN Services can support anonymity when being misused, CASHU, as a financial institution, is prohibited from supporting such services as is it going through a transitional stage. Therefore, kindly note that we cannot accept your merchant account registration,” A CashU representative wrote.

VPN services that are already registered with CashU have not been affected and continue to provide support. Meanwhile, TorGuard has been turned down by other payment providers in the past.

The provider’s CEO Ben Van Pelt described the move as censorship. “Privacy online is a basic human right and fundamental building block of any free, democratic society,” said

“Unfortunately, CashU’s Middle Eastern underwriting banks are not located in such a place. Censorship laws enforced by the United Arab Emirate’s Telecom Regulatory Authority borderline on draconian as they decide what content is or is not acceptable,” Van Pelt tells TorrentFreak.

“It seems that this new anti VPN ‘transitional stage’ for CashU is part of a larger issue of increased government censorship and regulation in the region,” he adds.