Hide My Ass Offer Rewards for Spotting Iraq Censorship

The ongoing Iraq crisis has led to Internet blackouts for users and even despite blockages on VPNs, Hide My Ass has begun offering rewards for people that report on new sites being blocked.

Free Web Proxy – Surf Anonymously   Hide Your IP Address – Hide My Ass

“Iraqis who have new information about internet censorship in the country, will be rewarded with one month free HMA! Pro VPN,” says Hide My Ass. “Free VPN will only be awarded if the information is published on our blog.”

Any current users will be rewarded with an extra month on top of their current subscription. Check out the details on how to enter at HMA’s blog.

The contest of sorts has been running for a few days now but no new findings have been published on Hide My Ass’ blog.

Stay tuned for more updates on using a VPN in Iraq and how censorship is curtail reporting. For now, read our insight into how social media has played a role in this latest crisis.