LiquidVPN Rolls Out Two Features To Boost Internet Security

LiquidVPN has released two new features that are said to improve the company’s encryption service. Aside from its VPN offering, LiquidVPN has finally developed its own DNS solution called the LiquidDNS.

This newest security enhancement from LiquidVPN is a Zero-Log DNS service, meaning DNS queries won’t be logged on any occasion, improving geolocation routing. This will allow users to connect to the nearest server from their location which will significantly improve their anonymous browsing experiences.


More importantly, DNS queries made in the entire LiquidVPN network are done in a private network and not through the Internet. This will provide users better, more private and secured VPN connections.

In line with this latest update, LiquidVPN is also working on its private Intranet, LiquidWeb. At the moment, the company is keeping mum about this project. But one thing is certain, when it gets formally released it will be one of a kind as no other VPN company has developed a similar concept or setup yet.

The other feature that LiquidVPN is offering is the LiquidIPS. This feature, which is an addon that costs $3.00 per month, will scan all incoming traffic before hitting the VPN tunnel. This process of routing traffic through the LiquidIPS is a way of detecting malicious traffic generated by malware, viruses or hackers that are attempting to breach your system.

In addition to these feature roll outs, the VPN company has also upgraded its facilities. LiquidVPN recently purchased a fully air gapped private certificate authority and a secured intermediate certificate server; upgrading its CA, DH and server keys to 4096 bit RSA. Its Perfect Forward Secrecy Key Re-negotiation was also modified so as it becomes 20 minutes – a 40-minute improvement from the 60-minute session resumption timeout.

The company is also in the process of adding more VPN servers. Just this month LiquidVPN has added new USA and NL servers – a third new server for this month is also on its final phase. As of this writing, LiquidVPN servers are located in 7 different countries – US, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Romania, Germany and Russia.

Every layer of security is important and LiquidVPN knows that well. Even if it’s just a new VPN service provider, we see great potential with LiquidVPN. These updates are just the beginning of a more powerful VPN service in the making. With these updates and upcoming upgrades, we are now certain that LiquidVPN isn’t an average VPN service provider, but rather the VPN service provider to watch out for.