PF Chang’s Still Struggling to Discover Root of Breach

PF Chang’s has posted its first statement in weeks regarding its recent credit card breach, offering little explanation but it continues to work with the US Secret Service to determine how the attack took place while a new study revealed that one in seven US credit cards were exposed in 2013.


Photo: LD Prod / Shutterstock

Company CEO Rick Federico said the company fell prey to a “highly sophisticated criminal operation” discovered in early June but could offer no explanation of when exactly the attacks took place and how.

“We are coordinating with the United States Secret Service on an investigation to determine when the incident started and what information is involved,” he said in his statement. “To assist with these efforts, P.F. Chang’s retained specialized data privacy counsel and forensics experts who are actively assisting in the investigation.”

“An investigation of this nature takes time, and while we would like to be in a position to provide further information, we can only share details that have been confirmed by the investigators.”

Credit and debit card information was compromised in the leak and Federico goes on to urge all customers to contact their banks if they have any concerns.

The PF Chang’s breach is the latest in a growing list of attacks on retail and food outlets that include the infamous Target and Nieman Marcus breaches.

Since these breaches, a new report from Discover Financial Services has noted that banks are now switching to microchip cards rather than a magnetic strip to protect the content of the card. The study also pointed out that such cards are more common in Europe but have not become standard in the US yet.