Researchers Find New Google Glass Hack

A team of Dutch security experts have found a way to hack Google Glass and remotely view what the wearer is seeing, raising serious security concerns over the notorious wearable device.

google glass

Photo: Hattanas Kumchai / Shutterstock

Through hacking the device, the remote hacker can film and take photos without the user’s consent and most tellingly, can access passwords and PIN codes. This makes it particularly dangerous to use an ATM while wearing Glass or enter passwords on your other devices.

The discovery was made by ICT company Masc and computing experts at Deloitte, who presented their findings to Dutch news outlet Volkskrant.

Anyone with malicious intentions can use a USB stick to enter a ‘script’ in the glasses at an unguarded moment which then allows them to take control.

The Glass headset can even be infiltrated via Wi-Fi or a phone app connected to the device. This involves some face-to-face activity as the USB stick to be physically inserted into the headset in order to enter the script.

The team said that this could happen in a number of ways like borrowing a device or asking to try it on.

One of the researchers described how developing the hack was too easy as you don’t need to break any code.

“We were thinking about worst-case-scenarios with these glasses. We then came up with the idea of someone being able to view what the wearer is watching,” said researcher Thomas Bosboom. “This means that you are better off not wearing the glasses when using a cash-point or engaging in other private activities.”

Google has previously spoken on the security of Google Glass, saying it is a priority. The company held its I/O keynote yesterday, its biggest event of the year, but made no mention of Google Glass however the company has just recently extended the Explorer program to the UK.