New York Establishes Cyber Crime Task Force

In New York, the NYPD, FBI and Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA) have announced the establishment of the Financial Cyber Crimes Task Force that it hopes will tackle financial cyber-crime in the region.

cyber crime

Photo: Gil C / Shutterstock

The three bodies, which will work out of the FBI’s NY offices, say the task force was established in response to the growth of cyber financial theft.

“The task force model that has been successfully employed in response to bank robbery and terrorism cases is now being applied to the cyber realm,” said FBI Assistant Director George Venizelos in a statement.

“The FBI continues to develop positive working relationships with our fellow law enforcement officers in our joint efforts to tackle criminal activity, and we look forward to working with our partners at the NYPD and MTA to combat cyber crime.”

FBI now has 45 regional cyber-crime offices throughout the US. This move comes as little surprise following the recent surge in breaches at retail outlets and financial institutions.

NYPD Police Commissioner William J Bratton added cyber-crime has “no geographical boundaries and expands the exposure to victims literally throughout the world,” which makes this task force especially necessary.

“This task force extends the reach of law enforcement to help identify, pursue, and prosecute those who commit cybercrime wherever they may be. The NYPD is proud to be part of this collaboration with local, federal, and international agencies, which will help combat this threat by using modern day technology.”

Symantec’s latest security threat report showed that 71 percent of phishing attacks in 2013 were to spoofed financial organizations, while high profile cases like Target showed that more policing is needed in this area.