Twitter Denies It Will Block Russian Content

It appears Russia and Twitter are at odds. Yesterday reports surfaced from Russia’s communications regulator stating that Twitter had agreed to censor “extremist” tweets. Now, Twitter refutes it made any such agreement.

Twitter’s head of global policy Colin Crowell, who is in Russia this week, explains that Twitter is showing Russia how to report illegal content to the social media giant for possible withholding within the country.

This flies in the face of the claim made by Russian regulator Alexander Zharov who said that ten accounts were being blocked.

“That claim is inaccurate, as we did not agree to remove the accounts,” said Twitter spokesperson Nu Wexler.

Crowell is currently in Russia to discuss the country’s ongoing changes to Internet regulation, which are sparking some concerns globally with critics of the government, the Ukraine situation and even opposition parties being stifled.

It’s unclear why Zharov would make such a claim when, if untrue, Twitter would immediately refute.