Allegedly Shuts Down has seemingly shut down its VPN service with little or no warning. The closure was brought to our attention by Swedish VPN service Anonine, which said in a comment on this site that used its technology previously.

“ used Anonine technology to provide services to their clients and, unfortunately, Anonine doesn’t have access to any of the accounts of the users that recently suffered from the shutdown. Anonine has tried to contact multiple times, however, never responded to any of our requests”

The website for is down with a number of Reddit users puzzled over its status, given that no notice was provided to users.


Are you a user? Have you received any notification? Let us know in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “ Allegedly Shuts Down

  1. WTF?
    October 2015 and still nobody knows what happened?
    The sudden disappearance of an entire fully-functional VPN service with tens-of-thousands of users and nobody has been able to find out what happened?
    They were also the VPN most concerned about combating government censorship & surveillance.
    In their own words: “We do it because we believe in this, and not for the money.”

  2. I had an account with them but when I went to re-new subscription this is displayed “Payment system is currently offline as we are having some issues with our partnering company. Deepest apologises as we try to resolve this as quickly as possible. “. I can still log-in to my account at the site just can’t pay.

  3. just stopped working. Kept showing DNS error in trying to log in. It’s been down for a short period in the past but given the length of time it’s not been responding, I’m not that hopeful. Need to find another one.

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