CloudFlare Acquires & Shuts Down CryptoSeal

CloudFlare has acquired VPN provider CryptoSeal and will shut down the service but will continue to use its Trusted Computing technology. The shutdown process has already begun and CryptoSeal will officially be no more by June 30th, according to CloudFlare. No financial terms were disclosed.


Photo: EDHAR / Shutterstock

CryptoSeal’s founder Ryan Lackey will be joining CloudFlare as product manager with a focus on security services.

“I’m really excited to work with CloudFlare to bring secure, easy-to-use networking to a huge number of sites and users,” said Ryan on his company being acquired. “CloudFlare really is the perfect company to deploy security technologies like Trusted Computing, robust cryptography, and secure networks to make the Internet a better place.”

“Also, CloudFlare has a really amazing team—people with cryptographic and protocol expertise, great network engineers, peering specialists, and one of the best support teams in the tech industry—so I’m really excited to be working with them.”

CloudFlare CEO Matthew Prince described the VPN company as being like the reverse of CloudFlare, as a forward proxy. Prince added that Trusted Computing really piqued his interest, enabling efficient blocking of outsiders.

If you were a CryptoSeal user, you’ve got less than two weeks to find a new provider. Check out our list of VPN provider reviews to get a feel for what’s out there.