Adobe Flash Player Patches Bugs With New Update

Adobe has issued a new update across all versions of Flash Player, patching six vulnerabilities. If you’re running version or lower on Windows or Mac OS X or and lower on Linux, it’s strongly advised that you update your player now as you are vulnerable to these bugs.


Photo: Gil C / Shutterstock

The update features the usual changes, with updates to Adobe Air and the Air SDK.

The minimum level browsers supported are Internet Explorer 7.0, Firefox 4.0, Opera 11 and the latest version of Google Chrome. Of course, if you have any browser that is newer than these then you’ll be fine.

Adobe makes no specific mention of the bugs that were discovered or their effects, rather stating that “These updates address vulnerabilities that could potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system.”

Adobe collaborated with a number of security experts that discovered the bugs in the first place, including Facebook software engineer Erling Ellingsen.

The updates come at an important time for Adobe as they must be seen to be thoroughly addressing any and all security holes after the security breach last year that compromised users’ data. The company is also getting ready to launch a new version of Creative Cloud in the coming weeks.