Bank of England to Conduct New Hacking Tests

The Bank of England is scheduled to conduct a round of new security tests this summer to address hacking concerns. The tests are the first of their kind, combining government intelligence with standard security assessments, according to the BBC.


Photo: Benoit Daoust / Shutterstock

Known as CBEST, the tests involve some outside agencies such as the cybersecurity firm Digital Shadows.

“These tests will mimic the behaviour of the bad guy, whether that be a hacktivist, organised crime or a nation state, it will emulate the same techniques they would use,” said Digital Shadows’ CTO.

“The results should provide a direct readout on a firm’s capability to withstand cyber-attacks,” said Andrew Gracie, the Bank of England’s executive director of resolution.

The British Bankers’ Association had previously been warned that cyber attacks will increase and bolstering security was an absolute must.