Thailand ISP Says Government Ordered Facebook Block

A statement released on behalf of an ISP in Thailand confirms that the government was behind the Facebook outage last month in response to the growing unrest and military coup in the country.

Telenor, a Norwegian telecom that runs the Thai operator DTAC released a statement to the Next Web stating that the government requested the momentary censorship.

Telenor Group can confirm that on Wednesday 28 May dtac received a notification at 15:00 local time from the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand to restrict access to Facebook temporarily.

This restriction, which was implemented at 15:35, potentially had impact on dtac’s 10 million Facebook-using customers. Telenor Group believes in open communication and regrets the consequences this might have had for the people of Thailand.

Access to Facebook was restored at approximately 16:30 local time.

No other Thai-based provider has commented on the matter while the military, which seized power last month, has censored dozens of websites.

DTAC’s statement corroborates the comments made by Thai permanent secretary of the Information and Communications Technology Ministry, Surachai Srisaracam.

“We have blocked Facebook temporarily and tomorrow we will call a meeting with other social media, like Twitter and Instagram, to ask for cooperation from them,” he said, adding that protests needed to be stemmed.