HideMyAss Releases New Android App


HideMyAss, one of the leading VPN service providers currently on the market, has just recently released its newest Android app, where users can now connect over LTE or Wi-Fi.

Previously, users had to manually configure their Android device just to get HideMyAss VPN to work. With this latest development from the VPN provider, users now simply need to install the dedicated VPN app on their phone or tablet, provide the login details and that’s about it. Once you’ve installed the client app, you can simply run the HMA from the app-drawer. This makes it hassle-free to use HideMyAss on Android devices.

Since HideMyAss didn’t initially offer any dedicated client app, many users were having some trouble getting the VPN to work on their Android phone or tablet. That’s why some users had to buy a different VPN service merely for mobile use. Thankfully, HideMyAss picked up on the growing demand for Android devices and VPN services and thus they’ve developed a dedicated VPN app for the Android platform.

Users no longer need to spend more and maintain two different VPN subscriptions. HideMyAss now flawlessly works on major mobile and desktop platforms.

The app is available for free download from Google Play, but you will need a HideMyAss subscription to use it.

HideMyAss’ Android app is not the only thing new from the VPN company. Along with this dedicated app for Android, the company is also releasing updates to their Windows and Mac clients.

It’s high time to use a VPN service. Spies, data sniffers and criminals are all over the Internet. If you’re fond of surfing the web on your Android device, you need protection. Read our comprehensive review on HideMyAss.