The Guardian Releases SecureDrop System for Whistle-blowers

It’s been one year since Edward Snowden leaked the trove of information from the NSA that revealed the mass surveillance of the agency. The Guardian, one of the paper’s who received the leaks, has now released its own SecureDrop system for whistle-blowers to anonymously submit documents and information, much like WikiLeaks.


Photo: The Guardian

“The platform is designed to work hand in hand with the Tor network to maximise confidentiality,” explains The Guardian.

The platform was actually designed by Aaron Swartz, the Internet who took his own life last year and the news comes on the same day as the Reset the Net campaign, an Internet-wide day of awareness against mass surveillance.

The Guardian says of its new system:

It makes use of well-known anonymising technology such as the Tor network and the Tails operating system, which was used by journalists working on the Snowden files.

The Intercept, ProPublica, The New Yorker already use a SecureDrop system to receive information.

Check out SecureDrop now for more information on how it works and if it’s something you could use.