CyberGhost Launches Mac OSX App on Snowden Anniversary

CyberGhost, an award winning VPN service provider, has launched a dedicated Mac OSX app during the first anniversary of Snowden Revelations. The app was unveiled during a live Hangout session on Google+ on June 5th, which marks the one year anniversary since the large-scale leaks and Snowden revelations about NSA and the PRISM program.

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The entire team at CyberGhost, including co-founder and CEO Robert Knapp, took to a live Q&A session with the attendees and provided free 12 year subscriptions to select participants.

Robert Knapp had a few words to commemorate the efforts of Edward Snowden and his contribution towards online privacy: “Cyberghost shares great respect for Snowden for making the whole world aware of the risks we face every time we connect to the Internet or make a phone call. We all live in the post-Snowden world, knowing now that we don’t have privacy at the moment we go online!”

When quizzed about the objectives of CyberGhost VPN, he added: “Our service helps users to guard their privacy and their online freedom in times of total uncertainty. We are a new type of startup that offers privacy as a service, not making money from user data like Facebook, Google, Yahoo and others, because we do not store any user data.”

Speaking about the new Mac OSX VPN app, the Director of Business Development at CyberGhost, Iulia Porneala said: “Our app gives you anonymity, which is the best and most effective way to keep your internet sessions private and secure. Mac users will love it, because it’s simple, fast and powerful.”

The new Mac OSX VPN app is available to all existing, as well as new CyberGhost customers, and it offers a free as well as a premium VPN service. Speaking about the growth of the VPN industry, Porneala added: “There is a high potential of growth for the VPN industry, as according to data from the International Telecommunications Union there are 2.77 billion internet users worldwide, and all of them should try to protect their online identities and learn from the information revealed by Edward Snowden.”