Redirecting to Malware Sites, Blocked in Turkey

Popular social networking site has been redirecting users to malware sites, according to security researchers at Netcraft.

The malware sites encourage users to install fake Java and Flash updates. Netcraft explains that users that click these downloads end up with unwanted pop-up ads.

Rather than downloading a Java update, victims will instead end up installing a program which several anti-virus vendors identify as DomaIQ. This is an advertising platform used by adware and other malicious programs to display unwanted pop-up ads within Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.

This isn’t the only problem that is facing as reports coming out of Turkey tell us that the site has been blocked.

You’ll recall earlier this year that Twitter was blocked in the country in response to anti-government protests. The country hasn’t exactly been welcoming of social media.

Turkey’s Department of Telecommunications has yet to address the situation or offer an explanation.