Oleg Pliss’ Ransomware Lands in the US

The latest piece of ransomware, which hit iOS devices in Australia earlier this week, has made its way to the States with a report coming from California.

Photo:  blvdone / Shutterstock

Photo: blvdone / Shutterstock

CBS in Los Angeles is reporting a case in southern California where a device has been overtaken by the mysterious Oleg Pliss, demanding a ransomware in return for unlocking it.

“I thought it was a joke, and I was like ‘Yeah yeah, whatever’, and went to open my phone, and nothing,” Victorville resident Nathan Sohm said.

Another user added:

“I’m in the U.S. Never been to Australia. Hacked last night by the Oleg Pliss nonsense. Currently restoring to try and get back online,” one user wrote.

The hacker uses Find My iPhone to remotely lock an iPhone and then demands a ransom to unlock, usually $100. You can bring your locked phone to an Apple store to be unlocked but this will wipe all the data from it so users are advised to back up everything on their phone.