Iran Summons Zuckerberg to Court

A judge in Iran has ordered that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appear before an Iranian court to address privacy concerns over Facebook and WhatsApp. While there’s little chance of Zuckerberg actually going, it further highlights Iran’s uneasiness with social media.

The report from AP adds that no extradition treaty exists between the US and Iran so the efforts of judge Ruhollah Momen Nasab, who is an official with the paramilitary Basij force, may be in vain.

The news comes hot on the heels of another court in Iran ordering that Instagram be blocked. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are already banned in the country, which has seen a rise of proxy and VPN use amongst what AP calls “Iran’s youth and technology-savvy citizens”.

Politicians and officials are allowed legal access to the sites however.

Such censorship has proven a divisive issue amongst officials as President Hassan Rouhani has spoken in favor of social media.

We should see the cyber world as an opportunity,” Rouhani said last week, according to the official IRNA news agency. “Why are we so shaky? Why don’t we trust our youth?”