VPN For Online Poker: Here’s How To Make it Work

A lot of people are getting hooked and already loving playing poker. Many of whom choose to play in online poker rooms rather than go to actual casinos to play the game. However, there is great risk with playing, betting and gambling real money on online poker sites. The fact is, such sites attract cybercriminals.


Photo: Kucher Serhii / Shutterstock

Since playing poker involves (shelling out) cash, hackers usually attempt to infiltrate online poker sites to highjack poker players’ accounts. Imagine you’re playing poker and all of a sudden your funds vanished? This is not far from happening. Hackers are just waiting for the slightest security flaw to breach the poker site.

Even reputable poker sites can still become vulnerable to hack attacks. Keep in mind that hackers are always coming up with new and more efficient ways of hacking through systems. So if you are fond of playing on online poker sites, you should protect yourself from cybercriminals.

The Benefit of VPN for Poker

Luckily, there is a safe and easy way of playing online poker. We strongly suggest that you use a VPN service when playing on poker sites. This will keep you hidden or invisible from prying eyes.

With a VPN, you will stay anonymous and protected while you’re playing poker from your favorite poker sites or rooms. VPN works by hiding your actual IP address and masking it with the IP location of the VPN server you are connected to.

Not only are you hidden from the virtual world, but all your traffic will be encrypted as well, meaning you are completely safe whilst surfing the web. If you haven’t subscribed to a VPN service yet, you may check this List of VPN service providers. Choose a VPN service that best suits your needs.

Crackdown of Poker Sites

Many of the most popular online poker sites such as Pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker have been a target of censorship and blocking. Russia has moved to block foreign poker sites like PokerStars and around fifty other gambling domains.

Online poker players in the United States now have limited options to play poker. If they didn’t need a VPN to play online poker before, they may want to use it now in order to play on poker sites.

While it’s a good way of hiding IP addresses, using a VPN to play on poker sites can also be very problematic. Again, since poker sites involve money matters, the site usually ask for verifications and banking details before it allows anyone to play a poker game on the site.

Since you are using a VPN, you now void your actual address. Thus, in order to even cash in or out, you will need a physical address and a legit bank account from the country you are ‘virtually’ present. But if can’t come up with a foreign address, some suggest that players should simply play on poker sites such as Bodava and Seals with Clubs that accepts Bitcoin.