Hulu To Offer Free Streaming Services to Mobile Devices

Last April, Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins announced the company’s plan for letting everyone watch some of the TV shows from its massive video library via mobile platforms.

Previously, in order to watch TV shows on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, viewers needed to sign up for a premium account first; Hulu Plus costs $8 monthly.


The company is said to be in talks with various TV networks to ink a deal bringing video content to mobile platforms without the need for a paid subscription of some sort. The free streaming service for mobile is expected to begin this summer. Unfortunately, this offer is not without a twist. Just like on desktop streaming, the selected shows will come ad-supported as well.

This move by the company is probably a strategic plan to transition from desktop browsing to mobile. It had been projected before that mobile browsing will overtake desktop usage soon. From the looks of it, that’s what’s basically happening today.

With the growing number of people becoming more attached to their mobile devices, companies like Hulu needs to adapt to the change and start optimizing the service for the mobile platform.

Android users will be the first ones to get free access to Hulu’s ad-supported shows. Other mobile platforms are soon to follow. Hulu is currently working on redesigning its Hulu Plus iPhone app. The newer and better version will also come out this summer.

Accessing Hulu’s Free Mobile Service Abroad

The free mobile service will still be available in the US only. It will be interesting to see the company extend its free mobile service overseas. If they do so, it will probably just a way to attract users to try out the Hulu service.

For now, if you want to access Hulu outside the US, you can use a VPN with a mobile app to access and bypass Hulu abroad. Check out this List of VPNs