Windows Vista and 7 More Susceptible to Malware Attacks?

Who would have thought that the more modern versions of the most popular operating system Windows are more susceptible to virus and malware infections? According to the data shown in Microsoft’s biannual Security Intelligence Report (SIR), Windows Vista and Windows 7 are more likely to be infected by malware.

Windows XP surprisingly had a lower infection rate of 2.42 percent compared to Windows Vista (3.42 percent) and Windows 7 (2.59 percent). On the side note, Windows 8 machines had better security defences with only a 1.73 percent infection rate. The newer version of Windows (8.1) did better than the its predecessors showing just 0.08 percent vulnerability to infections.

Bad News for Windows XP Users

Meanwhile, the software giant recently released the security patches for its Windows platforms. Unfortunately, Windows XP got axed and won’t be getting support any longer. Users of the said operating system would not be getting updates.

windows xp

Photo: Microsoft

It was back in 2008 that Microsoft pledged to support Windows XP until 2014. Now that it’s the end-of-support for Windows XP, users who are still using the platform won’t be receiving any new patches and probably have difficulty finding updated drivers in the near future.

Microsoft is also cutting its support and distribution for its Microsoft Security Essential software on Windows XP machines. Microsoft’s free anti-virus and anti-malware app will only be available for download on Windows machines running a newer operating system. The good news is that XP users can perfectly use any anti-virus software that isn’t under the Microsoft branding.

Microsoft Urges XP Users to Update ASAP

While Windows XP got a low infection rate, it’s recommended that you upgrade to a recent version already. With the end-of-support for XP, it will make the operating system more open to attacks. In other words, if you are still using the OS, you are simply inviting trouble.

Windows XP will soon become history. While Windows XP had its fair share of problems, we can still say is that the operating system had a great run. But everything has an end, and this is the end for Windows XP. We all saw it coming, right?