Watch the Champions League Final With a Fast VPN

This Saturday, May 24th, sees Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid compete in the Champions League final. For the first time in the history, the final match will feature teams from the same city. The final game of the 59th season of Europe’s premier club football tournament will be held at the Estadio da Luz in Lisbon, Portugal.

Champions League Final


Watch the Champions League Final Game Live

Tickets for the live game are already sold out. And the only way to watch the Champions League Final is through traditional TV or via online streaming feeds. Now, if your country’s TV stations aren’t covering the Champions League Final game, the Internet has various streaming websites providing full coverage of the said football match.

Most of these sites that cover sporting events, however, impose geo-targeted restrictions for users. Those who can’t get access to the special coverage can simply use a VPN to bypass any filtering or restrictions by the streaming site.

VPN is widely used to hide oneself from the Internet. This anonymity tool keeps browsing activities as private and secure as possible. VPN users can also access blocked websites and be able to watch any TV show or program they want.

Best VPN for Streaming

There are countless VPN service providers you can choose from to enjoy anonymous web surfing; but when it comes to streaming live shows, you will need a VPN service that provides amazing speeds.

What you need is a VPN that can effectively secure your Internet connections, and at the same time can provide good speed to avoid any buffering or slowdowns. We can recommend three VPN providers that are known for providing fast connection speeds.



Golden Frog’s VyprVPN can provide fast and highly secure VPN connections. The VPN service was also awarded the top spot for our annual VPN awards for Fastest VPN 2013. VyprVPN has done well in the speed test runs we performed. The Champions League Final would be best viewed with a reliable VPN like VyprVPN.

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Best VPN

HideMyAss! Pro VPN

HideMyAss has proven over and over again that it is one of the best VPN option for video streaming and more. It operates more than 611 servers in 75 different countries. In our tests, HMA also did well in terms of speed. HideMyAss was also one of the finalists for our Fastest VPN 2013 award.

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IPVanish operates 90 servers situated in 41 countries, also offering 3,500 IPs to choose from. IPVanish is regarded as one of the fastest VPN services today. Connect to IPVanish and watch the Champions League Final game wherever you are.

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