Samsung KNOX Approved for UK Government Communications

Samsung’s security software has been approved for government use in the UK, gaining “official” status and taking a step ahead of Blackberry, who have specialized in government-safe devices.

The decision means that Samsung’s KNOX phone, which runs Android and KNOX Workspace, a “comprehensive hardware and software security solution”, can be used by government staff for “official” communications.

“With this approval we are committed to working more closely with government departments and agencies that need to maintain high levels of security and data confidentiality on their mobile devices,” said Graham Long, a VP at Samsung UK and Ireland, reported by Reuters in London.

The GCHQ still found some risks with the KNOX software but they were ranked lower than Blackberry’s.

The information security arm of Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) identified three significant risks associated with Samsung’s KNOX, a platfrom that increases security on top of the underlying Android operating system, according to guidance published on Wednesday.