Study Finds Pirate Sites Riddled With Malware

A study conducted by anti-piracy group Incopro, that’s Intelligent Content Protection by the way, has discovered that pirate sites that 90 percent of piracy sites are rife with malware and other threats.


Photo: JMiks / Shutterstock

For a regular user of such sites, this might not come as too surprising as navigating such a site can often be like walking through a minefield of malware but Incopro specifies that only one in 30 sites studied didn’t lead to malware. The report was backed by the UK entertainment industry, according to Torrent Freak.

“The rogue sites are also rife with credit card scams, with over two-thirds (67%) of the 30 sites containing credit card fraud,” the press release states.

However Torrent Freak is quick to point out that none of the malware is hosting on these sites, referencing tests done with Google Safebrowsing.

“We did not encounter the automatic injection of any malicious program on the sites that we scanned. In all instances, the user must be tricked into opening a downloaded executable file or in the case of credit card fraud, the user needs to actively enter credit card details,” Incopro writes.

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