Viber Messages Unencrypted, Say Researchers

New reports say that message sent through mobile messenger service Viber are completely unencrypted, meaning anyone with the intent can listen in on your calls and view your messages and photos.

Researchers at the UNH Cyber Forensics Research & Education Group carried out the study with the message – “Do not use Viber until these issues are resolved”. The same researchers found other flaws in WhatsApp just a few weeks ago.

“The main issue is that the above-mentioned data is unencrypted, leaving it open for interception through either a Rogue AP, or any man-in-the middle attacks. In the spirit of keeping the world a safer place, we felt that it is best to send this bug/vulnerability to the Viber team first, and then publishing our work. We notified Viber, but we have failed to receive a response from them. It is important to let the people know of these vulnerabilities, therefore, we chose to publish these results and the video in this post.”

Check out this video below, which details the researchers findings.