Cisco Throws Hat Into Cloud Security Ring with Managed Threat Defense

It’s more a logical progression of the technology than a shocking announcement, but Cisco have posted a new plan on their blog to offer a whole new cloud security option to anyone who’s willing to pay for the privilege on a 30-day basis.

“Managed Threat Defense is an on-premises solution, comprised of hardware, software, and analytics designed to monitor, capture, and analyze threats. Cisco’s worldwide network of expert-staffed security operations centers (SOCs) monitor the service and provide incident response analysis, escalation, and remediation recommendations.”

What makes Cisco’s cloud-based approach so interesting is that in essence, it replaces the requirement for bloated IT departments by offshoring half the cost of protection for your data and internal company network communications.

Photo| Flickr

Photo: Flickr

Systems which previously relied on massive numbers of administrators and tech gurus on-site and on call at all times in order to just maintain email servers, can now be managed by an independent team of engineers and supercomputers at the headquarters of Cisco in Santa Clara, California. Essentially this means for a small monthly fee (relative to the size of your company, we assume), you can cut your technology spending in half, and trust one of the largest network providers on the planet with the task of keeping your terabytes humming through any zero-day storm.

Because Cisco’s systems are automatically updated to combat exploits as early as they hit the net, it’s great to see that companies which previously might have posed a threat to customers or clients of their business can now safely and securely keep their data separated from the rest of the world, basically cutting off the chain which so many different botnets rely on in order to spread and proliferate successfully.

Other Cisco technologies in the solution include Cisco’s Sourcefire’s FirePOWER for threat detection, Advanced Malware Protection, and Cloud Web Security for email and Web filtering.