Reddit Founder Launches Campaign Against the FCC

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian has launched a new campaign to protest the forthcoming decision from the FCC regarding net neutrality, which will give ISPs the freedom to create slow and fast lanes for companies. Ohanian is raising funds to post a billboard ad against the ruling in Washington DC next to the FCC’s office.

“On May 15, the FCC plans to kill the idea of net neutrality and replace it with a ‘cable-ized’ version that costs more for consumers, enables discrimination across services that make use of the net, and makes it harder to access the stuff that we access each day today (from video streaming to file saving and sharing). On top of all that, it’d have a chilling effect on entrepreneurship — all for the benefit of a few cable companies.”

Ohanian is raising money through a crowdfunding campaign and is asking for $20,000. At this time of writing he stands at just over $2,000. Check out his campaign video below.