Brazil Passes New Internet Privacy Bill

Brazil has passed new legislation that guarantees people equal access to the Internet and bolsters privacy protection.


Photo: Rede Brasil Atual / Flickr

Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff will sign the legislation into law at this year’s Net Mundial conference taking place this week in Brazil. Rousseff was previously a victim of NSA snooping and has been a strong advocate of Internet privacy since.

The new legislation has support from Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the World Wide Web and now a privacy online campaigner.

The bill limits the collection of metadata on Brazilian Internet users and as Reuters reports:

the bill says companies such as Google Inc and Facebook Inc will be subject to Brazil’s laws and courts in cases involving information on Brazilians, even if the data is stored on servers abroad.

Many Internet companies have protested the bill saying it will stifle the free flow of information.

Stay tuned to VPN Creative over the next few days for more news coming out of Net Mundial, the Internet governance conference.