Megaupload Taking Legal Action Against Hong Kong

Megaupload is launching legal action against the Hong Kong government in a bid to unfreeze its assets, which were shut down over two years when the site was closed.

The infamous file sharing site says it wants to help users to access their files, which were all confiscated after the raid on the site and Kim Dotcom’s home.


The site was based in Hong Kong and through a restraint order, the US government has been able to keep all assets and bank accounts frozen there. Megaupload is filing action against this restraint with Hong Kong’s Department of Justice.

Megaupload argues that the US’s order was unlawful and therefore they should be able to access their assets.

The High Court has ordered the Department of Justice to respond and they have until June to come up with an official response.

Torrent Freak has reported on Megaupload’s legal team and their statement:

“Over two years later, the US DOJ has yet to serve Megaupload or initiate substantive criminal proceedings against it, trapping Megaupload in a state of criminal limbo,” Megaupload’s global litigation counsel Ira Rothken says in a comment.

“During that time, the restraint order has prevented Megaupload from conducting business or paying bandwidth expenses needed to return cloud storage data to users. Needless to say, Megaupload and its cloud storage users have been severely prejudiced by the US Department of Justice’s conduct,” he adds.

If Megaupload is successful with this case they may be able to file a hefty civil case in the future.