Turkey Blocks Critical Turkey Accounts

Twitter’s issues in Turkey continue with a number of accounts seemingly blocked. Supposedly these are accounts of people with considerable follower counts that have tweeted criticisms of the Turkish government, and specifically audio recordings that suggested corruption in government.

According to a report from The Next Web, a court order causes an issue like this where accounts are “withheld”. However, the details of the court order are not available at this time. The Next Web has some screenshots of the accounts in question and how they look to Turkish users. International Twitter users can still access these pages with no issues.


Twitter has explained that they have not handed over any user information to Twitter users during this whole fiasco. “We don’t withhold content at the mere request of a gov’t official and we may appeal a court order when it threatens freedom of expression,” Twitter said.

“Twitter has not provided and will not provide user information to Turkish authorities without valid legal process,” they added.