Tells Users To Change Passwords

Have you had your Heartbleed news fill yet? Well, has put up an official notice tell users that after an administration-wide review of the site, all users should change their passwords. Though with Heartbleed all over tech news this last while, changing passwords should be a top a priority anyway.

Read the official statement below and find more information on the site.

Recently, you may have heard about a new internet security weakness, known as Heartbleed, which is impacting some websites. uses many layers of protections to secure your information. While there’s no indication that any personal information has ever been at risk, we have taken steps to address Heartbleed issues and reset consumers’ passwords out of an abundance of caution. This means the next time you visit the website, you’ll need to create a new password. We strongly recommend you create a unique password – not one that you’ve already used on other websites.

Officials have stated that there was no indication that Heartbleed affected and given the recent tech issues dogged the site in beginning, the development team must be breathing a sigh of relief.