TunnelBear Patches Their Heartbleed Bug

VPN application Tunnel Bear sent out an email to all of their users on Friday to ensure everyone that they had patched all Heartbleed issues with the program.


Tunnel Bear says the patch should be automatically downloaded and installed but recommend double checking your system just in case. They also recommend a password change of course.

This is a friendly reminder to please ensure that your TunnelBear has been vaccinated against the Heartbleed bug. PC, OSX and Android apps received a security update (April 8th) to address the Heartbleed bug. The update should have been automatically downloaded and installed.

However, to ensure that you have eliminated even the most unlikely Heartbleed risk, we recommend double-checking you are running the latest version of our apps.

Versions listed below are protected: (or later) – Windows
2.3.2 (or later) – OSX (or later) – Android
not applicable – iOS

You can check what version you’re running. Or, if you don’t want to even think about it, just download the most recent version from TunnelBear.com/download.

You can more about TunnelBear’s complete response to the Heartlbleed bug on their blog.