Blockchain to Take Over

Blockchain, one of the world’s most popular bitcoin wallets, has signed a new five year deal that will see the company exclusively manage the domain name.

The news is important as it positions Blockchain even more at the forefront of Bitcoin’s public image and just imagine, by owning they will, in many ways, get first dibs on new users researching bitcoin and how to get started.

Nic Cary, CEO of Blockchain:


Check out what Blockchain had to say about the deal:

“ is positioning itself to maintain and build its preeminence in the Bitcoin community by building strategic relationships that promote the understanding and usage of cryptocurrency. The domain name is the latest addition to a growing stable of products from

“Our mission is to provide the tools and services that build on Bitcoin’s core strengths. We’re excited to create new learning experiences and introduce millions of users to Bitcoin as a result of this exclusive deal. Finally, understands that it’s important to drive this education today so that tomorrow the whole community can benefit from the next generation of world class Bitcoin infrastructure and applications.”