Dropbox Issues Heartbleed Patch

It’s been a big week over at the Dropbox offices. Just a few days ago the news broke they had officially appointed former U.S Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice to their board of directors, and ever since they have come under a hailfire of criticisms and questions about not only their dedication to privacy, but also what they plan to do about the Heartbleed bug which has plagued nearly every major website.

Enterprise strategy VP for the cloud storage company Ross Piper used their official blog to defend both their decision to hand Rice a seat on their executive line, but also to announce Dropbox’s Heartbleed patch.

“It doesn’t change our privacy policy. Our reasons for bringing Dr Rice on board centres around her incredible experience managing very large scale organisations…as well as dealing with very highly-talented individuals, which suits our engineering culture very well,” he said.


Photo: dropbox.in30minutes.com

“We think we’ve built a pretty good and trusting relationship with our users, and we want to maintain that through everything. We’ve made the decision about Dr Rice based on the reasons that I’ve described, and we think it’s still our responsibility to earn that trust every day and we will continue to do everything to create clearer transparency and conform to the privacy requirements of our users.”

Ultimately it’s not difficult to believe Dropbox’s story, because even though Rice was a part of a system that was built primarily to surveil the everyday activities of average Americans, it’s been years since she stepped foot in a government office and it’s highly unlikely the NSA would be able to convince her to do anything she might expect to get away with in the morning.

Much like other popular services affected by Heartbleed, Dropbox has suggested that even though the hole is now patched, you should be sure to change your username and password before the next time you log in just to be doubly safe and keep your online files secure.