Heartbleed’s Next Casualty: Mumsnet

Mumsnet, the British site for UK parents has confirmed that it has been hit by a hack made possible by the Heartbleed bug. Reports tell us that hackers made off with passwords and private messages.

This follows from earlier today where Canada’s revenue service was struck by hackers too, stealing 900 tax IDs.

BBC News reports that Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts has confirmed the attack, adding it is unclear just how many users were affected.

“On Friday 11 April, it became apparent that what is widely known as the Heartbleed bug had been used to access data from Mumsnet users’ accounts,” the London-based website added in an email to its members.

“We have no way of knowing which Mumsnetters were affected by this.

“The worst case scenario is that the data of every Mumsnet user account was accessed.

“It is possible that this information could then have been used to log in as you and give access to your posting history, your personal messages and your personal profile,” she said, “although we should say that we have seen no evidence of anyone’s account being used for anything other than to flag up the security breach, thus far.”