AdBlock Launch Petition Against ‘Obnoxious Ads’

AdBlock, the popular advertisement blocking add-on, has launched a petition against “obnoxious ads” with its Acceptable Ads Manifesto, hosted on


The company admits that ads are economically important but says that many online advertising techniques have become obtrusive and annoying. With this in mind, AdBlock has devised its manifesto on what is acceptable advertising.

“We don’t hate advertising per se, but nobody wants obtrusive blinking ads and content-obscuring rollovers running amok on their computers and mobile phones,” says AdBlock. “So we have a good compromise; we call it “Acceptable Ads”.”

This is our manifesto:

1. Acceptable Ads are not annoying.
2. Acceptable Ads do not disrupt or distort the page content we’re trying to read.
3. Acceptable Ads are transparent with us about being an ad.
4. Acceptable Ads are effective without shouting at us.
5. Acceptable Ads are appropriate to the site that we are on.

Adblock goes on to say that it believes the manifesto can create a better Internet for everyone. Furthermore, they have amassed support from Reddit and ad measurement firm PageFair.