How to Get Annoying Mailers Out of Your Mailbox

Having a mailbox is both a blessing and a curse. An online mailbox is subject to a lot of spam, but it’s easily removed or ignored. A physical mailbox is subject to spam too, but it’s not as easy to avoid. It’s not impossible though; there are many ways you can go about opting out of these annoying junk mails. In the days of e-commerce and online retail, it’s very easy to end up on a physical mailing list too as some companies still send out print brochures after getting your address from an online purchase. So after you’ve protected your email inbox, how can you safeguard the old fashioned one in the digital age?


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Manually Unsubscribing from Junk Mail

Manually unsubscribing from junk mail is no easy task. There is rarely a piece of text on the mail that says how you can unsubscribe. If there is, it may be a phone number to call with your request or you may have to mail something to them to make the request.

Most end up having to locate the number for the company and calling to make the request. This request is usually accepted and processed given the legality behind the request. However, not every company is easy to contact or deal with and some mail may not even have a phone number on it.

Simply put, manually unsubscribing may be okay once or twice, but it’s not a feasible option in the long term. Plus, you don’t want to spend hours of your week unsubscribing as new junk mail continues to arrive.

Using Unsubscribing Services to Eliminate Junk Mail

The best way to get rid of all the spam is to use an automated program that will do it for you. Unsubscribing is fine, but it won’t do a thing if you end up on a new mailing list every single day. You can take advantage of one of the many online services that aid with spam mail removal.

Here are some details on a few of the more recommended un-subscription programs.

TrustedID is a website with an extensive database that covers over 8,000 companies in the United States. This service allows you to search for companies and submit removal requests. The website claims to have a bit more than 1.7 million account holders, which account for in excess of 25 million opt outs.

This service will help you with eliminating unwanted advertising mail, catalogs, phone books, and other junk mail from your mailbox. The company also has an identity theft protection service, which is referred to as IDEssentials.

Do Not Mail
The Do Not Mail list works nationally and allows individuals to put their address into the registry to prevent junk mail from being sent to them. This service is offered through and is very effective for eliminating a lot of potential junk mail all at one time.

This company provides a way for individuals to remove themselves from mailing lists. There are thousands and thousands of different mailing lists out there. These lists are often sold and shared with different companies, and then used for marketing purposes. By putting yourself on the Do Not Mail registry, you will effectively eliminate the legal possibility of any mail being sent to you by anyone that has your information on their list.

Consumer Credit Reporting Opt-Out
You can opt out of receiving mail from the consumer credit reporting companies. To do this, simply call 1-888-5-OPTOUT and follow the instructions. You have the ability to choose whether to opt out for a five-year term, opt out permanently, or opt back in.

“No Junk Mail” Sign
It’s an attempt that should go with a prayer, but it’s worth trying. You may have seen some people have put a piece of paper that says something like “No Junk Mail Please” on their mailbox. This is something that has provided great results from some and has done nothing to speak of for others. It may simply come down to how courteous your mailman feels like being or what type of pressure their boss puts on them in this regard.

Why Use an Opt Out Service?

Junk mail is simply not something that you can control on your own. There is just too much of it that shows up. You could get rid of it for a short time frame, but all of a sudden there are dozens of mailers a week showing up again.

Using opt out services will allow you to automate your junk mail removal efforts. These services are typically free and they make it easy for you to severely reduce the amount of junk mail that shows up in your mailbox. These results will be noticed forever, not just for the meantime.

Of course, there is no guarantee that this will eliminate all junk mail. Once you make the efforts to opt out of everything you can, just keep an eye on your mailbox. A one-time unwanted mailing may not be a concern, but watch for any company that’s repetitively sending you mail. This is when you can start making a manual effort to put an end to the junk mail – leave the bulk of the work to an automated opt out service!