Symantec: 552 Million IDs Compromised Last Year

Symantec has published its latest Internet Security Threat Report. Now in its 19th volume, the hefty 98 page report (PDF) reveals that 552 million identities were potentially compromised in 2013 as a result of breaches.

Symantec goes on to claim that hackers are not working on a whim as you may expect and are spending months and months plotting big rewards heists. If you’re looking for example, take the recent Target fiasco.


Photo: Gualtiero Boffi / Shutterstock

“In 2013 much attention was focused on cyber-espionage, threats to privacy and the acts of malicious insiders,” says the report. “However the end of 2013 provided a painful reminder that cybercrime remains prevalent and that damaging threats from cybercriminals continue to loom over businesses and consumers.”

Most notably there was a rise in ransomware attacks, growing a staggering 500 percent throughout the year.

Symantec points to the growth of mobile and social media for this rise, which has given hackers and cyber criminals more avenues to commit their deeds.

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