New Heartbleed Site Checker Available

A few hours ago, we posted on a new Heartbleed site checker from LastPass but now we’d like bring your attention to an even simpler one to use from Filippo. This site checker is much more straight forward as you can see in the screenshot below.


The search results will give you an answer on whether or not the site has been fixed or it was even affected. If the search is unclear on the status of the site, you’ll get a message like the following:

Uh-oh, something went wrong: dial tcp: lookup [SITE NAME] on []:53: no such host
Check what it means at the FAQ.
It might mean that the server is safe, we just can’t be 100% sure!

After a few tests, we got this message for many smaller sites so if you are concerned, you should contact the site in question and ask about its status.