Merkel Denied NSA File

The US government and the NSA is coming under fire today after they refused German Chancellor the request to view her NSA file or answer any more questions relating to surveillance of German officials.

The news comes just three weeks ahead of Merkel’s visit to Washington, which will be her first visit since the Snowden scandal broke and it was revealed that her phone was tapped.


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

This throws the meeting, which had been intended as a gesture of goodwill and rebuilding relationships, into disarray. While Obama insisted in October that her phone is no longer being tapped, the US still has not fully answered any questions on the matter.

This tension was furthered when the US refused to enter into a “no spy” agreement with Germany, reports The Guardian.

Merkel is intensely aware of the importance of the surveillance controversy for her domestic audience, and is planning to voice Germany’s concerns privately with White House officials and leading senators. She will also be “forthright” in confronting the issue if she is asked by reporters during a press conference with Obama, according to a well-placed source with knowledge of the trip.

This news certainly won’t help the US’ image in the face of this growing crisis. Refusing to allow someone to see a file that pertains to themselves only serves to show us that the US and NSA is hiding its content for whatever reason.