WikiLeaks Posts Draft Paper on Internet Governance

WikiLeaks has released a draft agreement of its paper Outcome Document ahead of the NETmundial meetings in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where 12 nations and various Internet stakeholders will gather to discuss Internet governance.

It is a joint meeting of Argentina, Brazil, France, Ghana, Germany, India, Indonesia, South Africa, South Korea, Tunisia, Turkey and of course the United States of America.

The draft document is an 12-page advisory on governing the Internet and preventing surveillance (PDF). The meetings take place on the 23 and 24 of this month.

WikiLeaks posted:

The document was prepared by the NETmundial Executive Multistakeholder Committee (EMC) from the 180 NETmundial submissions and has been submitted to the High Level Multistakeholder Committee (HLMC) for final comment. The HLMC comprises ministerial level representation from the twelve co-hosting nations and is due to give its feedback tomorrow, on April 9.

The draft is just an introduction to even wider discussions on Internet governance, with WikiLeaks stating that future dialogue will need to take place regarding jurisdiction and a code of conduct.