Cuckoo Updates Its Malware Tool

Cuckoo, the automated malware analysis system, has released its newest update after some delays, fixing a number of bugs and making needed improvements to its Django Web Interface.


This release should have come a lot earlier, it took three months instead. Initially we meant to push out a quick hotfix that would resolve some bugs affecting Cuckoo 1.0.

As we procrastinated, more features and contributions quickly came in. Several new features have been added along with the anticipated bug fixes, making it up for a decent 1.1 release.

If you’re new to Cuckoo, it is an open source malware analysis tool that allows the user to enter in any file they may have and Cuckoo will scan the file, checking for malware, find its source and hopefully help you eradicate the problem. The developers call malware “the swiss-army knife of cybercriminals”, touting Cuckoo as the solution.

Read more about the update here.