Anonymous Launches Attacks on Israeli Sites

Anonymous are back at it again with #OpIsrael, a widespread attack on Israeli websites. The hacks were carried out throughout Monday and leaked information from different sites, including stealing passwords from Toyota’s Israeli site. The mysterious hacktivist outfit have spoken before in favor of Palestine.

The group posted the passwords and other information in notices across their usual go-to bulletin board, Pastebin and at this time of writing, the leaked passwords have not been removed.

Anonymous posted this video to explain their motives citing violence and censorship, stating they will not rest until Palestine is free.

Through the use of media deception and political bribery, you have amassed the sympathies of many. You claim to want peace, yet the reality on the ground speaks differently. In fact your only goal is to better the lives of a select few while carelessly trampling the liberties of the many. You can NOT hide a demolished home. You can NOT hide the barrage of bullets you use to kill and maim Palestinians. You can NOT hide apartheid roads. The further assault on the people of Gaza, who have been flooded by your sewage, terrorized by your military apparatus, and left to die at the border while waiting for medical attention will NOT be tolerated anymore. Your vicious campaigns to attack Palestinian solidarity groups worldwide through censorship and legal wrangling has also NOT gone unnoticed.


Photo: Arab Crunch