Tinder Spamming Attempts Discovered

Popular dating app Tinder is quickly becoming the prime target for a lot of would-be cyber criminals these days by creating bots that promote games by posing as singletons on the app.

The discovery was made by Bitdefender, which you can see in the screenshots below, detailing a conversation between one user and the bot that persists on pushing the game Castle Clash at its user.


Photo: Bitdefender, Softpedia

The game download is hosted on a domain named tinderverified.com, which is an attempt from the hackers to make it seem much more legitimate.

Softpedia reports:

Bitdefender has notified both the photography studio and IGG, the developers of Castle Clash. IGG representatives say they’re aware of the spam campaign and they’re investigating.

“We are already aware of this issue and we are currently investigating into it. We are also being victimized in this issue therefore we are grateful for being informed,” the company told HotForSecurity.

Make sure to keep an eye out for this spamming attempt if you are a Tinder user.