18 Million Accounts Attacked in German Hack

More than 18 million passwords and email address have been stolen in one massive hack in Germany, according to German publication Der Spiegel, with three million of which belonging to German citizens.


Photo: Mihai Simonia / Shutterstock

Police in the city of Verden are investigating how the hack took place, which was made public on Thursday. The criminals have been using the details to make online purchases. The news comes hot on the heels of a similar attack not too long ago where 16 million accounts were compromised.

Der Spiegel reports (translated and edited for clarity)

Like many of the access are attributable to German users, is still unclear, because several internationally used extensions such as. Com have. The authorities currently [say] about three million sufferers [are] from the [Germany]. The case is particularly controversial because the data is current. Parts thereof are reportedly currently misused for criminal activities, such as to send spam.

Investigators tell us that those affected have been using the same password across multiple accounts. This serves as a reminder that this is bad online security practice. Once one account is compromised all of them are, which why is multiple different passwords are always advised for your online activities.