Turkey Unblocks Twitter After Pressure from Court

Turkey has unblocked access to Twitter after weeks of controversy surrounding the issue, which brought the world’s attention to government corruption. The government’s hand, and specifically the Transportation and Communications Ministry, was forced following a ruling from a constitutional court in Ankara, which stated that the ban breached freedom of expression.

Twitter was blocked in the run up the country’s local elections in late March as information and audio recordings detailed Prime Minister Erdogan’s shady financial dealings. Even Turkey’s President Abdullah Gaul criticized his counterpart on the move. The ban was met with many protests with those campaigning for Internet freedom on one side and Erdogan’s supporter remaining strong on the other.

The government even moved to block YouTube, which remains inaccessible, and at one point all of social media was under threat of being blocked. There is legal action pending against the YouTube ban too.

The rise of VPNs in Turkey

Despite the blocking action many Turkish Internet users accessed the social media platform through Google’s DNS servers and VPN providers. In fact, many VPN providers dropped their prices substantially for Turkish users, some even offering free services to join the fight against Internet censorship.

A number of news sources have confirmed that users have access again and Twitter itself has now confirmed the news. With a tweet of course.


The US State Department say they have welcomed the news.