Tumblr Activates Two-Step Authentication for All Users

Just a few hours ago, representatives for the massively popular personal blogging website Tumblr took to the company’s own publication platform to inform their users that as of today, Tumblr will now offer two-step authentication services to anyone who chooses to activate the option on their account.

“Your account is far less likely to get compromised if you’ve enabled two-factor authentication,” the company said in its official statement.


Photo: Tumblr

Other social networks and sites like Google and Facebook have featured two-step authentication for years. The process usually involves linking an account to a cell phone, that can either be texted or called with a special PIN code every time anyone tries to access your information from an unknown location. The two-step method has become much more common in recent years.

Just the same as those and many other sites, the two-step authentication program is 100 percent optional. The function can be toggled on or off through the Settings page on a user’s profile at will, however it is advised that you use it for increased security for your online life.

The push toward stronger forms of password authentication is absolutely a step in the right direction, although some analysts worry it may be an issue of “too little, too late” for users who have already had their email or social media accounts compromised once before.

Gunnar Peterson, managing principal at Arctec Group explains these concerns further:

“Two-step authentication is an incremental win, and it is generally good that [this interest in two-factor authentication] is happening.” But he added that “initial authentication needs to get stronger.”

Despite your opinion on the issue, it’s always good to see large tech firms take the sanctity and security of their customer’s accounts seriously. Although the method of protection may not be perfect, it’s certainly the best substitute we’ve got until a better solution comes along in the future.