Turkish Government Bans Google DNS

As conflicts over Internet freedoms continue to surge over the past few days in Turkey, officials within the government have made significant moves to diminish their people’s ability to access Twitter over classical avenues, and even through less common means like routing through Google’s publicly available DNS service. However, the Turkish government has now also blocked Google’s public DNS service, according to local reports coming out of Turkey.

The Turkish government first blocked access to the social media monster via traditional channels of communication three days ago, when a user claiming to have evidence of corruption within their ranks took to the microblogging website to expose the information they had discovered, before quickly being silenced by the targeted parties in question.

Since then, Turkish internet users have united together in one movement to universally oppose the decision, and for the first 48 hours, drove traffic up to 138 percent of the normal signal received from their country by routing around the block via Google’s public DNS service.

Protestors had originally fought back against the ban by spray-painting the walls surrounding one of the major squares where protests had gathered with the internet address “”, in an effort to inform anyone who might be less-than-tech-savvy the exact method for communicating with the outside world, and circumventing the moratorium imposed on their right to free speech.

YouTube, another popular media sharing platform, has also seen a relative boost in traffic coming out of Turkey since the ban first went into effect.

Turkish government representatives claim they are equally eager to ban the video-viewing website as soon as they get the chance, along with any others that allow their people to openly disparage or discredit their increasingly oppressive and tyrannical regime.

No word yet on Google or Twitter’s response to these affronts on civil liberties and free speech from the Turkish government, but VPN Creative will be here throughout the process to update you on any and all news coming out of the country as it develops.