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Twitter Patches Visibility Hole Affecting 90,000 Accounts

Popular micro-blogging social media platform Twitter posted a security update on their blog, claiming the tweets and details of over 90,000 protected accounts had been made temporarily visible to the public through a bug in the website’s code.

The flaw has apparently been active since sometime around November of last year, and represents one of many problems that the company has faced on the security front in the past few years as their popularity continues to explode at an alarming rate.

NY Daily

If we’re to believe the population numbers touted upon Twitter’s initial public offering, the flaw only applies to .000004 percent of the service’s entire userbase.

Engineers at the site were the first to acknowledge that although the breach was relatively insignificant in size, they take the privacy of all their users seriously no matter how many people were affected by it.

“While the scope of this bug was small in terms of affected users, that does not change the fact that this should not have happened. We’ve emailed each of these affected users to let them know about this bug and extend our whole-hearted apologies.”

Twitter credits the “white-hat community” for discovering the bug and bringing it to their attention, making sure to thank those responsible for their tireless efforts to keep us safe while we tell total strangers what we had for breakfast that morning.

This issues comes just a few short months after Twitter was forced to reset the passwords of millions of its users after its system was breached and exploited by a still-yet-to-be named group of hackers hailing from somewhere in the region of Eastern Europe.

If you own one of the 93,788 accounts in question, you should have received an email earlier this morning informing you of the problem along with a link to show how you can prevent the same problem from popping up again in the future.